What does storehouse mean?

Treasury, storeroom, storage vault: Treasures, Treasure or Treasuries, Armoury , Depository  1 Chron 27:25   Deut 28:12  The Treasure is Truth that was restored to the Church . The precious material that was given to his True Church.

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Plain Truth 1986 (Prelim No 01) Jan01
Plain Truth 1985 (Prelim No 02) Feb-Mar01
Plain Truth 1985 (Prelim No 04) May01
Plain Truth 1981 (Prelim No 06) Jun-Jul01
Plain Truth 1982 (Prelim No 07) Aug01
Plain Truth 1984 (Prelim No 06) Jun01
Mystery of the Ages (1985 searchable)001
Missing Dimension in Sex (Prelim 1981)001
How to Have a Happy Marriage (Prelim 1988)01
Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last (Prelim 1972)01
Incredible Human Potential (Prelim 1978)001
Yellow Water Lily
Tea Plantation
AC Bible CC L28 (1986)01
AC Bible CC L31 (1987)01
AC Bible CC L32 (1987)01
AC Bible CC L26 (1986)01
AC Bible CC L27 (1986)01
AC Bible CC L30 (1986)01
AC Bible CC L29 (1986)01
AC Bible CC L17 (1983)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 39 (1965)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 38 (1965)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 36 (1965)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 05 (1965)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 20 (1967)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 01 (1965)01
AC Bible Corr Course Lesson 16 (1966)01


Mr. Barry Buwa  Pastor

Mr. Echfalum Anugwa Elder 

Mr. Ron Stephens Elder

Mr.Fernando Rañises Elder


We have Lost our Elder March-2021 but will see him in the resurrection. He was faithful to the teaching and a true servant to our God

Mr. Bayeta  Coordinator  


We are so Thankful that Mr. Bayeta is helping the Philippines' Brethren May God help in Directing his Church after the Death of Mr. Ranises


Minister and Elder

Mr. Ron Stephens

USA Office


P.O Box 1323 

Jamestown TN. 38556

USA @hwastorehouse.com

Minister and Elder

Mr. Barry Buwa

Nigeria Office


Nigeria @hwastorehouse.com

WCG Nigeria

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