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 1. Why the Storehouse? 

 2. How God describes storehouses in the Bible

Genesis 41:56. Deuteronomy 28:8. 1 Chronicles 27:25. 2 Chronicles 32:28. Psalm 33:7. Jeremiah 50:26. Malachi 3:10. Luke 12:24.

 3. What is a digital storehouse

a personal digital storehouse is a USB flash drive that contains the gospel that Jesus Christ gave to Herbert W. Armstrong from 1933 to 1986. an enterprise digital storehouse (for commercial purposes) is a production data center. in the technology industry, in the data infrastructure and storage businesses, digital storehouses are called storage engineering labs. storage engineering labs are setup with storage arrays containing hardware, software, servers, networks, storage, data, and service tools.

 4. How God produced the contents of the storehouse from 1933 - 1986

 Radio Church of God history & publications
Worldwide Church of God history & publications
   the Apostle's letters to God's church
   the Good News Magazine (For the Church)
   the Plain Truth Magazine
   the HWA Books & Booklets
Ambassador College history & publications
   the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course
Ambassador International Cultural Foundation history & publications

 5. History of the storehouse project

   the storehouse's journey and shapes through the COG groups after 1986
   the CD project from 2000 - 2020
   the USB flash drive project from 2012 - present
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