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Lesson 1  Why Study the Bible

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Lesson 2  Message sent from Heaven

Lesson 2  Message sent from Heaven, This lesson will show you where the bible tell you about the kingdom and just what and where it will be. 
Part 1 given 12/20/19
Part 2 given 12/27/19
Part 3 given 1/3/20

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Lesson 3  How Christ will Stop World Suicide



CIVILIZATION IS AT THE CROSSROADS! Mankind already has the capacity to wipe all life off the face of the earth — if God would fail to intervene!

But GOD WILL NOT FAIL! God will NOT let this world annihilate all human life. Yet, strange to say, many who do believe in a God, REFUSE TO BELIEVE HE CAN AND WILL SUPERNATURALLY INTERVENE IN WORLD AFFAIRS.

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Now, WHY do so few understand the Bible? WHY do all the different church denominations disagree as to what it says?

We find the answer in II Tim. 3:16-17: "All scripture" — not just those few verses or PARTS of sentences you wish to apply to suit your desires, but — "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God." It is ALL inspired — EVERY Scripture is inspired by the Eternal GOD — "and is profitable for" — WHAT? "... is PROFITABLE FOR DOCTRINE, FOR REPROOF, FOR CORRECTION, FOR INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

So the Scriptures are PROFITABLE for the purpose of REPROVING, of CORRECTING us! But how we do resent being reproved and corrected! How many people do you know who are even WILLING to be corrected where they are in error — to be REPROVED for the wrong things they do

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Lesson 5   What will the  Millennium be like ?

Christ Born to be King

Consider, for a moment, what the angelic messenger said to Mary, the mother of Jesus: "Thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great ... and THE LORD GOD shall give unto Him the THRONE OF HIS FATHER DAVID: and he shall REIGN over the house of Jacob forever; and of His KINGDOM there shall be no end" (Luke 1:31-33).

Jesus was BORN TO RULE. He was born to REIGN over the nations of earth. Remember what He said to Pontius Pilate? "Pilate therefore said unto Him, 'Art thou a KING then?' Jesus answered, 'Thou sayest that I am a KING. TO THIS END WAS I BORN, and for this CAUSE came I into the world ...'" (John 18:37).

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Lesson 6        The Coming Utopia... Wonderful World Tomorrow 

WHY should universal peace and prosperity ever be impossible? Why can't we have a world bubbling over with JOY and HAPPINESS?

Ever since the dawn of civilization, mankind has longed to live in a plush world where all his desires would be fulfilled!

But in his heart, man knows such a utopia could NEVER EXIST ON THIS EARTH through his OWN EFFORTS!

"Utopia" on Earth?

"Utopia" brings to the minds of so-called "practical" people the same connotation as "fairy story" — an UTTER IMPOSSIBILITY! They ridicule the idea that a utopia could ever occur HERE on earth!

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THINK OF IT! — 1,000 years of peace and PROSPERITY, a happy new world in which nobody has any financial troubles. That is the coming UTOPIA — the wonderful World of Tomorrow!

But why isn't there a utopia TODAY? Why is there no ONE thing that plagues more people TODAY than the constant worry of making ends meet — the constant round of serious financial difficulties in which MANY of YOU find yourselves?

Let us UNDERSTAND! — there is a reason, a CAUSE for it!

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Lesson 8       "This Is God Speaking ..."

HOW God is Warning! Yes, GOD IS SPEAKING! Speaking CLEARLY and unmistakably! Speaking to be heard above all the strife and hubbub of this end time man-made turmoil. Speaking BY PRELIMINARY OUTBURSTS OF NATURE AROUND US-preliminary QUAKES, tidal WAVES, DISTURBANCES IN the HEAVENS. God is warning us BY PROPHECY, and, through smaller disturbances in nature, He is giving us examples NOW of the dire things just ahead for the heedless!

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Lesson 9  Does God Exist

Do NOT be misled , . . there is a GREAT POWER behind the upheaval in all creation today! In these latter days education has put a premium on materialism. Spirituality and morality have been treated lightly. Mankind has become increasingly more SKEPTICAL about the existence of God, until today most have forgotten God. Is God a myth?-an invention of an ignorant, superstitious past? This question hovers in the minds of many. We must know the truth!!

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Lesson 10  PROPHECY Is the PROOF of God

What Does FULFILLED Prophecy Prove? Let us face this question! Is it rational even to believe in a God? Is God a myth?-an invention of an ignorant, superstitious past? And are Biblical prophecies in reality only shrewd guesses of certain Jews who lived more than a score of centuries ago? In today’s upset chaotic world, the question of God’s existence and of the inspiration of prophecy is disturbing increasing numbers of people. Many want the truth! They are through being fooled; they are through taking fables for granted as facts, blindly assuming what is popularly taught. They want to know! They want the proof!

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