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Today, we live in a world of turmoil and strife, a divided nation and world. We are no longer one people. We have fallen to the powers that want to destroy our unity and sovereignty. There is only one hope for this nation and the world today. We must get back to our roots. We must get back to our values. We must get back to our God. It is time to stop paying lip service to our great creator and start worshiping him in Spirit and Truth. We have gotten away from the only one who can save us from ourselves. We are speeding full force toward oblivion and the prophecy referred to in Matthew 24: 21-22. This world is about to bring destruction upon itself. This is not doomsday talk. This is reality. We all know it! It’s just a matter of time until this world comes crashing down upon itself. If you want to know how you can escape the terrible times that are soon to come. Study the material on this website. God is not going to allow us to destroy ourselves. He is about to intervene in world affairs. Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth just as he promised he would. He is going to take over what man has not destroyed and build a whole new world we refer to as The World Tomorrow. A world that will produce peace and love and equity. A world where there won’t be any more wars. People will be helping one another and loving one another as God originally intended for human beings to do at the beginning of their creation. If you want to learn more about this future Utopia. Then read and study the materials we offer completely free of charge. We highly recommend the Bible Correspondence Course for beginners. Learn what Gods plans are for you as an individual. The future is amazingly bright for those who will be willing to come under the rule and authority of Jesus Christ. Learn what Jesus Christ has in store for you. The truth has been hidden for centuries but now has been revealed in the last days of our society. Find out what your creator wants to do for you. He has big plans, and he is about ready to implement them.

                                                                                          Agape, Mr. Ron Stephens


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