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 Welcome Brethren,

  If you are wondering why  there is a sign up page when the sermons and material are already posted all over the internet.

  The answer is we are trying to follow the government that was set by Jesus Christ through his Apostle.

Mr. Armstrong said it was out of love for others and we are not to offend others who are not ready for the strong meat that God provided for ONLY the Baptized members that the Holy Spirit is working in.

  We want to stress that there will be no follow up and we do not need to know what group you are with. However we will be held accountable to make sure that we hold fast to policies that was set in the Church. 


We believe this is the last chance to get back on track and to be under the Government of God before the tribulation.  You are welcome to contact us at any time

May God Bless You,

The Original Worldwide Church of God

When you receive the password please do not share your password . With this password you will have access to all the material on this site.

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