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The Orginial Worldwide Church of God

          We like many of you have been struggling to hold on to the truth .God gave us through his end time apostle Mr. Herbert W.Armstrong. We like many of you have been involved with, and in various groups that claim to be holding fast to God's truth, and the teachings he gave us through his apostle.

          Only to find out that they really had their own agendas.      Whether it be power ,or money, Prestige or whatever, they dismissed God's apostle and what he taught them and put forth their own agendas.

           God let us go through that to show us the prophecy of

Ezekiel 34 :8 had now come upon us, After failing to find any Minister who was holding fast to all the truth Jesus Christ taught through his apostle. We just went back to God's apostle and started listening to his sermons. Soon afterward we received through the mail other sermons of various ministers whom God had used to teach the church when they were under the direction of God's apostle. We didn't order them, we didn't even know they existed. They just came to us ,we didn't know who had sent them. There was no name and no return address. We know now God sent them to us. To begin with we only had a few tapes of the World Tomorrow program. The first Feast our group kept, all we had to listen to for sermons was the World Tomorrow programs. God took us all the way back to our beginning with the World Tomorrow programs. After a couple years I found a group in Ohio who had sermons of Mr. Armstrong's on CDs.I ordered them for the church, and made copies of them for everyone in our group. We were overjoyed. Later I came in contact with the man who had acquired  the materials of the church from 1934 to 1986 Plain Truth articles, Good News, World Tomorrow programs, Bible Hymnal ect. It cumulated into 21 CDs of the materials of the church. This man was copying and distributing all the materials free of charge to anyone who requested it. Later he turned it over to me and we begin distributing it around the world. We have been sending out this material for over 19 years. Many of God's people have been fed God's spiritual meat. as a result of the efforts of Jesus Christ through HWA Storehouse. 

        At the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles in Nigeria I was ordained a minister of Jesus Christ, by Mr.Barry T. Buwa and Elder L.E. Anugwa, both men loyal and faithful soldiers for Christ.

        God raised up The Original Worldwide Church of God to sound the alarm to his people, that over the years have been deceived and got off  track.

             We  adhere to all the doctrines Christ set  in His church through his apostle. We are under the government Jesus Christ set in his church through his apostle. We believe that Jesus Christ is still ruling His church through His apostle.

             Our goals are to feed God's sheep the truth Jesus gave His church. No watering down, no changes. Jesus Christ says he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

            We want to help God's people get back to the faith,and the truth God gave them through his apostle. We want to help brethren to get back to the apostle and Jesus Christ. We want to help God's people get ready for the marriage to Jesus Christ. We believe the only way to do that is for all of us to speak the same thing, and the only way to do that is to speak what Jesus Christ speaks.

         You won't find the sermons posted on the website that the people in the world sees, because the apostle put the closed-door policy in the church. He never gave sermons on salvation to the world .

          The Worldwide Church of God did not proselytize, neither do we. Baptized brethren can have access to various literature and sermons, through a password. But  they are not put out to the public.We are not looking for members. We believe God has to call his people and set them in the church himself. The public is welcome to have access to the  same materials that God used to speak to them through. the World Tomorrow programs and magazines,and books and booklets. You will find the testimony of the original worldwide Church of God In the book of 2nd Corinthians 2:17


                Agape: The  Original Worldwide Church of God

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